Mariampur Hospital - Kanpur
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Diagnostic Services in Hospital

Pathology & Bacteriology :
The hospital has an Ultramodern Pathology and Bacteriology lab equipped with auto analyzer, Semi auto analyzer, Blood gas analyzer, Cell counter and Sodium potassium analyzer along with other equipment’s. Services of a senior Pathologist are available round the clock.

The department is equipped with a 500 MA Siemens X—Ray machine taking quality X-Rays of all parts of body, special X-Ray like IVP, Hysterosalpingography (HSG), Barium swallow,.Barium meal and Barium enema are conducted round the clock. services of a senior and efficient Radiologist are available.

We have two machines for Ultrasonography Pakuda Danshi PP Sonic UP 4l00. Regular Ultrasound procedures are done by an expert ultrasonologist, leaving aside procedures for determination of sex.

ECG & Echocardiograpy:
The ECG and Echo cardiography procedures are frequently done as and when required by a senior cardiologist with latest equipment.

Color Doppler:
Hospital is equipped with Siemens X- 300 Color Doppler machine operated by a senior and experienced radiologist.

G I - Endoscopy:
Gastro Intestinal Endoscopy is routinely done to detect various Gl lesions.

Senior Gynecologist of the hospital is engaged in doing colposcopic procedures.

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