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What is the actual mode of admission?

After telephonic confirmation of the bed availability, you may bring the patient along with the prescription & deposit or if you have any credit facility, kindly bring your letter of Authority from your company. After fulfilling the formalities at the Admission counter, where you will be given an Admission Number. Kindly quote the same for any enquiry. You shall be guided to the floor/ room allotted. PRO’s are allocated for special class and above rooms. On arrival, kindly contact the Lobby admission counter.


Can the room be retained, if the patient is shifted to ICU?

If patient is required to be transferred to the ICU/ICCU or PICU, SICU, NICU, the room / bed that patient was occupying prior to the transfer is to be vacated.


How should one reserve an OT or a bed?

The treating Doctor has to reserve the OT for the patient. Beds are given to the more needy patients on the first come first serve basis. Kindly appreciate that we do not have the bed booking system.


After Admission can the patient be transferred to Higher class?

Yes, this is done subject to availability of a Bed. All charges shall be billed for higher class retrospectively.


What is the mode of payment acceptable?

Payments are accepted by Cash/Bank Draft/ All credit and debit cards.


Can I bring the food from my house?

Bringing any food items from outside is prohibited. You can get supplementary meals for the attendant in the cafeteria.


What are the formalities for Foreign National?

Mode of payment is Indian Currency. Provisions are made through Our Billing Department to help you encash your dollars or Traveler’s Cheque.


Can we buy medicines or consumables from outside?

Sorry, our pharmacy provides all the medicines for Inpatient. Further due to infection control standards the hospital does not allow the outside consumables within the hospital.


How many times do I need to be seen following the treatment?

Most patients are usually seen the day following the treatment and then at least 1 month and 3 months following the treatment. Some patients require more visits. Remember, we are available 24 hours a day when you have any questions, concern or need attention.


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