DSCN0004History of the School of Nursing

This school was established in the year 2003 with an annual intake of 30 students. Today we have the permission of taking 40 students annually.


Nursing education at School of Nursing, Mariampur Hospital established according to Christian philosophy of life. A philosophy of nursing education must necessarily encompass a philosophy of ‘Nursing’ as well as philosophy of ‘Education’. Hence the staff of the school and all the associated personnel aim at preparing a nurse motivated by the love of God and neighbour, a nurse having a mature judgment, intellectually and morally enlightened and professionally equipped so that she will be capable of giving comprehensive nursing care to the sick and injured
and function efficiently in programmes of social health and preventive medicine. In a word the aim of nursing education is directed towards developing in the students a basic understanding of art, science and spirit of nursing mature professional conscience.