Terms and conditions

General Terms and conditions:
1. Students are accountable to the principal for their behaviour both in and out of the school.

2. The students are expected to comply with the rules and regulations of the school, the hostel and the hospital subject to revision from time to time. They are also expected to conduct in a disciplined manner while they are going out.

3. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. Any individual or collective act of ragging constitutes gross indiscipline and defaulters will be expelled from the school or further action will be taken under the IPC Act.

4. The student’s performance is evaluated periodically especially before promotion or appearance for the state board examinations.

5. Annual leave is arranged by the school of nursing at such a time as is convenient in keeping with the requirement of the course. The leave period cannot be altered for the individual students. No leave can be allowed for special occasions like festivals, feasts, wedding, retreat etc. Students sisters are expected to make their retreat during their annual leave.

6. The students abstaining from clinical posting without prior permission from the principal or her deputies will be guilty of misconduct.

7. The students shall wear the prescribed uniform while in the clinical field. And in the class rooms and hostel they wear simple and unostentatious dress (not showy or dikhava, preferably suit) suitable for an academic environment.

8. The students should have periodical medical examination and subsequently she may have to join the junior group. If the student is found medically unfit she will be required to leave. All the medical expenses must be met by the students.

9. The students are forbidden to accept gifts or hospitality of any kind from patients or their attendants.

10. The students shall not bring any jewellery with them except a pair of small ear rings for use. The institution can not be held responsible for any theft or loss of any personal articles or money of the students.

11. The students should compensate for broken, lost or damaged equipment and articles at their own cost.

12. In case of misconduct, disobedience, inefficiency or repeated neglect of duty a student may be dismissed at any time.

13. Students have to sleep in their respective rooms and beds. No students will sleep in any other room except of her own. If found guilty, she could be dismissed.

14. No student is allowed to borrow or lend money to any one.

15. All the Demand Draft should be drawn in favour of “School of Nursing, Mariampur Hospital” payable at Kanpur, U.P.

16. No student is allowed to keep mobile phones while she is a student. Mobile Phone will be provided on Sundays between 1 P.M. to 6 P.M.

17. Besides the curricular activities, the students are expected to participate in all extra curricular activities such as sports, cultural programmes/academic activities and field studies arranged by the School.

18. Democratic atmosphere is maintained among the students and necessary counselling/guidance is given to the students to solve personal problems.

19. Before inflicting any punishment as aforesaid, the head of the Institution shall give the student concerned, an opportunity for personal hearing and record the reasons of inflicting the punishment in writing.

20. The authorities will not be responsible for student attempting suicide of any kind.

21. Mess fees to be paid on the 7th of every month. If not paid in time late fees will be levied.

22. The students are supposed to vacate the hostel at the prescribed duration of the course (3 years only).